50 Laws of Kotarbiński Marketing

I have collected 30 years of experience in marketing in one book. „50 Laws of Kotarbiński Marketing” is a publication for entrepreneurs, marketers and absolutely everyone who believes that marketing is important in their work. Inside you will find tons of tips, anecdotes and stories from my professional life. I hope to provide you with a lot of inspiration. The publisher of the book is PWN, and the author of the cover and illustrations is Marcin Skoczek

The Art of Marketology

This book is not about marketing. And at the same time it is about a new marketing identity. It is not, if you understand twentieth-century marketing as a tool to sell something at any cost. If you want to earn money on a product, service, idea, and at the same time you realize that what you are offering is not worth the price – this book is not for you and will not help your business. However, if you know that you offer value and want to create a market for it: gain a group of customers who need it, improve it thanks to two-way communication, in a word – if you understand 21st century marketing, this book is for you and should become your must-read !! Read on if you want to understand marketing science, marketology – the art of creating and managing valuable markets.

Third Art of Marketing

„The Third Art of Marketing” is a continuation of „The First …” and „Second …” making up the series „Three Arts of Marketing”. This part contains 41 inspirational texts about innovation, media, effective selling and the marketing revolution. The e-book complements 12 interviews with the author, including a special one – on the subject of „Bareizmy Forever Alive”. Additionally, 11 stories by the author from the #Toporowo #Toporville series (inspired by the works of Roland Topor), including one that has never been published before.

The Second Art of Marketing

In „Second Art of Marketing”, which is a continuation of the best-selling „Art of Marketing”, you will find 81 inspiring texts about the nuances of a marketer’s work, scenes from life, the behavior of CEOs and how the author became the head of marketing of for five seconds. Inside, there is an iconic story about a Bunny or the Undying Daughter of Economy. This is a must-read for every entrepreneur, marketer, sales leader or start-up. Lots of inspiration and practical tips for marketing, sales, development and innovation professionals

The Art of Marketing

Jacek Kotarbiński’s „Art of Marketing” is a book written through experience. The creator of the „Subjective blog about the art of marketing” chose his most interesting texts, which were published as an e-book. The book should definitely be read by company bosses, marketing and sales professionals, and owners of innovative startups. The author was awarded by with the „Blog of the Year 2012” award in the „Professional and corporate” category.