Do you have the biggest foot in the world?

Imagine. A young boy, teenager Lars Motza once broke the Guinness World Record. The right foot is almost 35 cm long, and the left foot is similar. This is equivalent to a shoe size of 57.

Lars will not buy shoes in a normal store, he has to make them to order. One pair costs from almost EUR 1.200 – 2.000.

Trifle! Imagine if you could have such shoes for ten times less. Unless you are Lars Motza, of course. Once upon a time, an unusual meeting took place in Paris. There was a photo session on the occasion of breaking the Guinness Record.

Brahim Takioullach is Moroccan and lives in France. He is 246 cm tall and has a left foot 38.1 cm long and a right foot 37.5 cm. The size of the shoe is one number larger than that of Lars Motz, i.e., it is 58. There are no bigger shoes in the world, but they are smaller. Jyoti Amge, who lives in India, has the smallest foot. She is 62.8 cm tall and has a foot 9.5 cm long. Their photo session was a sensation. While Jyoti has no problem with shoes, Brahim has to spend as much as 3.5 thousand euros for them. The couple met while breaking the Guinness World Record, taking part in the creation of a special album.

Or maybe, like me, you have a problem with a large size of shoes?

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