Homo Illuminatus #illuminatus

The Capitol was on fire.

The global temple of democracy has been desecrated.

The maddened crowd burst inside, destroying whatever they could. The cold eyes of the cameras recorded every second. A shot was fired. The young woman falls to the ground.

A man sat in Mike Pence’s chair. Right in front of his eyes, on a marble plaque, there was an inscription in Latin: “E Pluribus Unum”, “From Multitude Unity.” A quote that defines America. We create one nation out of many languages, religions and customs. The essence of true democracy: we respect the differences between us, there is a place for everyone in our home, but let us follow the rules that we have established together.

This is gone. The world has changed. And it won’t be the same anymore. We live in different realities.

“Raging hordes of bandits and vandals are demolishing the Capitol!” – shout the headlines of the Alpha journal and the yellow stripes of the Iks television.

“Great groups of patriots are bringing order to the country!” – shout the headlines of the Beta daily and the yellow stripes of the Igrek television.

“As you can see, opinions are divided,” said the journalist, trying to be a bit objective.

There is no objective media.

Even if they existed, who would believe they were objective?

Americans listened to three major news stations for several decades. Dan Rather Irvin Jr. along with Peter Jennings of ABC News and Tom Brokaw of NBC News, they were among the news presenters in the United States from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Media legends. Class and reliability.

“And that’s the way it is”, as Walter Cronkite finished his messages.

But it’s over now. This world is gone.

Today you believe the barked out Facebook Anonymous with a convincing profile picture. He will make you think for yourself, he will provide links to places on the Internet, he will use seemingly logical arguments. When you doubt his way of thinking, he will challenge you from ignorant fools, block you, and go on looking for followers of his ugly ideas. Which no one has ever confirmed with anything. Which are half-truths or quarter-truths. Which put their foundations on real theses such as “100% of people who drink water will die.” Isn’t it true?

The world has gone mad.

Information overloaded heads have lost their guides.

And since there is no Cronkite, Jennings or Brokaw, you have to lean on someone.

Where are these lanterns that will guide our heads to the port of wisdom?

Time for an Enlightened Man. Homo Illuminatus. #illuminatus

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